Social media: platforms

This blog post is part of an overall social media assessment – the main post (Social media: relational experimentation) is here. This section discusses the platforms that I’ve adopted as part of my overall social media strategy.

Based upon namechk, accounts for facebook, youtube, wordpress and twitter have been registered under the username ‘drsjford’. The plan is to use the facebook and twitter accounts to generate ‘connections’ (to explore the ‘social media space’ and find relationships common to the science theme) while wordpress is the ‘burger’ – it’s the meat that keeps you coming back for more!

One immediate challenge is ‘professional’ Facebook, since that platform is not really setup to reflect that image. Some profile questions are quite difficult to answer  – for example what music do I like (professionally!) – but a sparse profile is not particularly attractive or informative.

WordPress has been the main focus of my time and effort. Not only am I still on the steep part of the learning curve, but the pages need to be populated with comment and opinion, rather than tweets or activities. The blog needs enough material to ‘weigh something’ and be attractive! Newton’s Law of Gravity could be reworked:

Force of attraction = B x (m1 x m2) / d

Where B is the Universal Blog Constant

m1 and m2 are blog momentum values (normally a function of mass, interest, followers and google search position)

d is the internet connectivity distance between reader and blogger!

The blogging force of attraction could be increased by reducing the d value (see the sub section on connection), or increasing the m value.

The next subsection of the assessment was connection.


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