Social media: evaluation

This blog post is part of an overall social media assessment – the main post (Social media: relational experimentation) is here. This final section discusses the evaluation of the blog and criteria for success and is the final.

There is no point in writing a blog and hoping it will attract people, but neither is there any point attracting people to a sparsely populated blog. That sounds like a numbers game, but is blogging just about having the biggest? In the first post in this blog I wrote about this being a 12 month experiment, but I didn’t say what ‘success’ or ‘failure’ would be! Now’s the time to nail the colours to the mast…

Scotland flag

Scotland flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Criteria 1: Over 12 months my ‘social media’ network should expand to 20 people that are not already in my internet or personal social space.

Criteria 2: After ‘outreach’ opportunities, blog statistics should increase. If the increase is not permanent (ie visitors are not coming back) then further thought is needed. If there is no permanent increase after 24 months then it might be time to call it a day.

Criteria 3: My research group should be able to use the blog to disseminate scientific findings, data or comment, in a productive and effective manner.


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