Live Art 1: Social Media Nil

Why Scotland Why East Kilbride is over. The audience has left, the gear is all packed up and shipped out. I’m back at work: my bass guitar lies on the floor at home beside lab coats, bubble-wrapped burettes, clamp stands and magnetic stirrers.

The audience enjoyed WSWEK (the Scotsman’s review is here) so it’s Live Art 1….How’s the social media stats? Definitely –  nil!

The Cryptic Science blog post had a good number of views yesterday, 11, and the youtube ‘video-explanation’ of the performance science had ten hits. Not too shabby, but here’s the tough bit: almost all the blog hits were during the day – well before the real audience had arrived – and the average time on the 5 minute youtube clip was (drumroll please) – 1 min 13 seconds.  Neither of these formats reached the actual audience of nearly 100 in anything approaching an effective way.

Hmm…..As Yoda would say “More to learn you have”!


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