UK PharmSci 2014 Posters

Just a quick post about at the work we presented at the UK Pharm Sci conference this year….

“HPLC column instability: A physicochemical conundrum”, by Neil, Steve, Michaela and Gavin.

The authors found that a gradient HPLC method developed to be within the manufacturer’s column pH tolerance produced an unpredictable degradation of the stationary phase. The mechanism of silica degradation at high pH remains unclear and contradicts known physico-chemistry, yet is an important part of modern, efficient HPLC analysis.

“Comparative analysis of the physical and chemical properties of new and expired blister pack foils for hard gelatin capsule packaging”, by MichelleMichaelaMoira and Gavin

Blister packs are commonly used to package hard gelatin capsules. Shelf life restrictions of the blister pack components can be problematic for low volume users due to the requirement to purchase larger quantities. This work investigated the physical and chemical properties of blister pack foils to determine if a change in their nature occurred when the expiry date was exceeded.

“Rheology to guide formulation development of particulate dispersions for automated capsule filling”, by MichaelaMichelle, Moira and Gavin

The rheological properties of pharmaceutical formulations intended for liquid fill hard gelatin capsules is fundamental for their filling performance. Here we used the rheological characteristics of particulate drug formulations to develop formulations suitable for automated capsule filling.

(This poster comes with a video clip!)

All the posters are online here, or, if you’re in SIPBS pinned up in outside our manufacturing lab.

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