Time Lions

Time Lions

I came back yesterday after two weeks off. It’s only been in the last couple of years that life has aligned to give me these longer holidays and they’re great. But my Grande Americano couldn’t quite take the edge off that sinking feeling as I switched on my computer. As Outlook sync’ed with server I could see the growing inbox of unread problems, a few clicks later and I could feel those milestones that seemed so far away a few weeks ago rush towards me and jump onto my back. It feels like I’m right back in the lion’s den!

The idea of hungry lions seems to be a theme of ancient history. But there’s a short section of a bible passage that popped into my head….(and I paraphrase!)

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy … prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Daniel and the Lions Den (Wikipedia)

Daniel and the Lions Den (Wikipedia)

Sometimes expectations prowl round me – waiting for me to miss a milestone, or skip a procedure, or drop one of the many plates I spin. And they do have a tendency to ‘de-sober’ my mind keep my eyes off the reason I do this job in the first place….

I know the passage’s author, Peter, was a fisherman, but I wonder if he did pharmaceutical development as a sideline!

Timelines are one thing, but it seems like I’m surrounded by Time Lions: are you?


2 responses to “Time Lions

  1. I still applaud the company I saw where the out of office message read ‘X is out of the office until *date*. Your email will be deleted on their return. If your query is urgent, please contact Y, otherwise resend your email on X’s return’.

  2. Ben, I think this approach to out of office messages is spot on. This year my email failed whilst I was on holiday and many of the *urgent* messages I would’ve responded to whilst I was on *holiday* had resolved themselves by the time I returned.

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