Digital Twins: a podcast

While the Covid lockdown of 2020 is scary, it’s also an opportunity for innovation. For example, over the weekend of 13-16th March almost the entire University sector moved from face-to-face lessons to online teaching: something that would have been considered impossible even at the start of the month.

One of my classes still had a few teaching sessions left, and so we were looking for ways to deliver the material in new formats. My colleague, Dr Blair Johnston, and I decided to try podcasting! The educational version (with learning outcomes and links to journals etc) is hosted on the Uni’s internal VLE, but we both felt that what we had discussed deserved a wider audience. So, missing a podcast hosting space, we agreed to put links to it here.

The podcast is hosted as an audio file on my university webpages here. (Apparently I can’t host it here without an upgrade.) Melvin Bragg doesn’t have much to worry about (yet!).

Podcast Extra: if anyone is interested in using podcasting as a format for teaching, there are a few hints and ideas here.



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